July’s Cushman and Wakefield Report Affirms the Industrial Real Estate Sector’s Strong Cashflow Potential

July 16, 2023

The industrial real estate market has been a beacon of resilience in the face of economic headwinds. However, the sector is now showing signs of normalization. According to a recent...

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Are Apartments Commercial or Residential?

June 25, 2023

Are apartments commercial or residential? The realm of real estate is as intriguing as it is complex. The definitions, classifications, and evaluations can sometimes blur lines, leading to fascinating debates-...

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The $500 Billion Office Property Crash, Remote Work, and What You Need to Know

June 11, 2023

For approximately a year and a half, the narrative around the impact of work-from-home on commercial office spaces has been consistently negative. In the face of an ongoing, half-a-trillion (with...

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