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Let’s face it, the commercial real estate lending industry can be an inefficient and frustrating experience. You waste a lot of time sitting through phone calls trying to find a deal that works, and then waste more time going back and forth with the broker trying to craft a soft quote that meets the borrower’s needs. Lots of talking, not as much deal closing.

With Finance Lobby, those inefficiencies no longer exist.

Finance Lobby is modernizing the commercial real estate lending industry by making it easier than ever to find and close deals.

  • Seeing the deals you want, not the ones you don’t.
  • Exposure to every deal in your market.
  • Important details at your fingertips.
  • Easy and accurate soft quotes.
  • Direct communication with the broker.

It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up for a free Finance Lobby account, and you won’t pay anything until you are matched with your first perfect-fit deal. Give it a try today and find out why so many lenders are using Finance Lobby to save time and boost their close rate.

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How do I change my lending criteria?

To change your lending criteria, simply log in to your account and adjust your criteria in your profile settings.

How often can I change my lending criteria?

As often as you like. Finance Lobby makes it easy to adjust your lending criteria on the fly, allowing you to adapt to new market and lending conditions.

What if I want to send a referral to someone else in my company?

Once you create your own account, you will be able to send invitations to others.

What if we are not a transactional bank? Can Finance Lobby still work for us?

Yes. When you submit a quote, Finance Lobby gives you the ability to require that the borrower bring with them a deposit relationship.

What happens after I submit a quote? Do I close through Finance Lobby?

Closing will happen outside of Finance Lobby and will follow the same steps you traditionally use. Finance Lobby simply serves as a marketplace to facilitate the interaction between brokers and lenders. Think of Finance Lobby like a home buying website – you search for homes online, then close offline.

Will my co-worker also be able to quote on my existing customer deals?

No. Once you’ve established a relationship with a customer on a specific deal, you will be in charge of that deal and all future deals for that customer that involve your company.

I changed employers, how do I update my profile?

If you change employers, simply create a new profile with your new email address. It takes less than 90 seconds!

When I submit a quote, does it go to Finance Lobby or to the broker?

Soft quotes go to the broker. Finance Lobby simply acts as a marketplace to facilitate the interaction between you and the broker.

If I submit a quote through Finance Lobby, will the quote be binding?

No, quotes through Finance Lobby are not binding and are for discussion purposes only. They are not intended to be, nor should they be construed as, a commitment to lend, but serve merely as a preliminary description of possible terms of the proposed financial request. These terms and the financial request are subject to further review, analysis, consideration and final approval. The terms outlined may be modified in whole or in part during this review. However, we do ask that you make your quotes in good faith and refrain from dramatically changing your quote after the fact. All parties, including brokers, will be made aware of the soft nature of the quote as described above.

What information will I be provided with in order to give a soft quote?

You will be provided with all the information on the property (Rent roll, income, and expenses), the sponsor’s financial information (net worth, experience, etc) and any relevant details about the deal. In the event of an owner-occupied property, you will also be given all the information on the business’s financials.

Where does Finance Lobby source its deals?

From brokers and borrowers searching for a lender. Finance Lobby is a marketplace that allows brokers and borrowers to create and post their own deals. This gives brokers and borrowers the ability to get their deals in front of every potential lender, and lenders an opportunity to see every active deal in the market.