What Is BRRRR Method, and How Can It Be Used for Commercial Properties?

The BRRRR method is only one of many real estate investment strategies that let you generate passive income streams and increase equity over time. The acronym stands for “Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat.” 

With this approach, investors purchase and renovate a foreclosed property, rent it out, complete a cash-out refinance, and then repeat the process by purchasing a different rental property with the proceeds.  

You can create quick equity by remodeling a property, which you can then use to buy another one and a rental unit that you can utilize to generate passive income for future years. The BRRRR method’s trick to success is finding a commercial property at a bargain price. 

It’s a complicated process because you’ll need to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the rental property market in your area and the costs involved in a quality renovation. The BRRRR approach, however, can work for you, provided you keep a close eye on your city’s real estate market. Here’s how BRRRR works. 


To start BRRRR, you must first buy a property. However, not just any property will do; you shouldn’t sign a deal hastily. It would be best if you verified that: 

  • You can finance the house, and it is a fair deal. 
  • Good cash flows can be produced from rental income. 
  • When the repairs are finished, you’ll have a lot of equity available. 

Before submitting an offer, estimating the property’s after-repair value (ARV) and the cost of the necessary repairs is necessary. Make sure the sum of the repair costs and the acquisition cost doesn’t exceed 70% of the ARV. 


The BRRRR method’s first “R” stands for rehab. Choose your renovation strategy before you start. Will you hire experts, or will you handle the work yourself? You’ll need a skilled team, a keen eye for detail, and an understanding of which improvements will increase the market worth of your home vs. those that will merely make it seem pretty. 

Due to the fact that you are not merely remodeling your property, you should pay specific attention to the machine elements. Hard flooring, adding energy-efficient fixtures like windows and doors, and making modest modifications to kitchens and bathrooms are further enhancements that can raise both rental and property values. 


Renting out your property to a tenant who will take care of it is step three, or the second “R” in the BRRRR method. Look for a reliable renter because a good rental history for your property will be crucial to a future refinance. 

Pull their credit report to assess how well they handle payments and whether they are already overleveraged. To handle the day-to-day duties of your rental property, you can retain a property manager, but make sure you’ve incorporated that expense into the rent you charge. 


You’ll speak with the bank about recovering as much of your property’s equity once your project is finished and a tenant has been found. The bank will then require an updated appraisal, a copy of your tenant’s lease, and additional financial details. 

It’s up to you how you decide to refinance that equity; you could completely refinance and get a new mortgage, or you could only use a second mortgage to access what’s available. Consider consulting an accountant about your course of action for the best long-term results. 

In the refinancing phase, there is a significant difference between commercial properties and residential. Residential properties values are based on comps whereas CRE properties values are based on net operating income through cap rate.   The higher the NOI and better quality the tenants the lower the cap rate a bank will place on the asset, which in turn gives the investor a higher value on the property.   

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This final step is what makes BRRRR so alluring and perhaps profitable. You invest in a new property with the money from your refinance and begin the process again. Investors could continue the process indefinitely and continue to profit from each new property. 

Benefits of Using the BRRRR Method for Commercial Properties

Compared to other real estate investment methods, the BRRRR approach has some benefits. 

Aids investors in generating equity 

As homeowners settle their mortgage, they accumulate equity, a priceless asset that may be used as leverage when requesting loans or lowering mortgage rates. Investors may be able to increase equity during the rehab process by employing the BRRRR method. 

Provides consistent passive earnings 

The intended outcome is a portfolio of long-term investment properties that may generate a passive income stream through rent. Any revenue stream from investments, royalties, rental income, or stakes that do not require the earner to be actively involved daily is called passive income. 

After refinancing, investors could recover their initial investment 

Investors can recuperate their initial investments by refinancing at the after-repair value instead of the original mortgage amount. 

It might need fewer funds upfront 

When done properly, BRRRR investing makes it possible to enter the real estate market without needing significant initial investment. Investors will primarily require enough cash for a down payment and possibly closing expenses for the BRRRR method if the authorized loan amount is too low. 

How to Get Started with the BRRRR Method for Commercial Properties 

A commercial real estate investor should take a few actions before employing the BRRRR method to buy a rental property. To have enough investment funds for the initial purchase and renovations, start by paying down personal debt and having your finances in order. Some investors collaborate with a business partner to generate capital and divide the workload. 

Second, be ready to withdraw if a seller’s final asking price exceeds the highest acceptable offer. Overpaying for a property might lower potential profits and make it more difficult to refinance and obtain financing to buy another rental. 

The final step is knowing where to search for a property with BRRRR potential.  

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What is the 1% Rule of BRRRR? 

According to the “1% rule” in real estate, your rent should be at least 1% of the home’s monthly purchase price. This general rule can be helpful in figuring out whether or not an investment property is likely to be successful.  

The 1% rule can help you identify the ideal property to meet your investment objectives if you’re looking to purchase an investment property. It can be used to estimate the property’s income stream swiftly. 

Does BRRRR Work with Commercial Real Estate? 

Yes, you can BRRRR a commercial property in the same manner as you would a residential one. The way commercial real estate is appraised is the main distinction. A sales comparison approach determines the ARV of residential real estate. In other words, the after-repair value should be equivalent to nearby sales of similar properties. 

Commercial real estate is appraised based on its net operating income (NOI) compared to other nearby commercial buildings. You raise the value of the property by raising the NOI. Following a refinance, you would borrow against the additional equity, just like a residential BRRRR. 

Frequently Asked Questions on the BRRRR Method for Commercial Properties 

Is it flexible? 

There is a wide range of alternatives available to you, possibilities that are frequently absent from other investments, including the ability to rent, sell, borrow against, gift, and donate the asset. So yes, it is flexible. 

With no money, how do I BRRRR? 

The simple solution is to use other people’s money. If you have no idea what you’re doing, it’s not a good idea to borrow money for real estate. However, with the proper education and expertise, you may BRRRR without investing any of your funds by combining the funding mentioned above sources. It’s wise to constantly have access to cash reserves in case unexpected costs arise. 

What are the BRRRR financing options? 

Undoubtedly, you’re considering how to finance a BRRRR project. There are various ways to fund your BRRRR deals. They include;  

  • Cash 
  • Private Money 
  • Hard Money 
  • HELOC 
  • Cash Out Refinance 
  • Seller Financing 
  • Subject To Financing 

After thorough research, you can pick a financing option that best suits you. 

How long does BRRRR investing take? 

The typical time frame for finishing a BRRRR project is between four and twelve months. The quicker you can complete the Buy, Rehab, Rent, and Refinance process. More money will be made, especially in the short term.  

You should work tirelessly to finish the renovations as soon as possible, secure a dependable tenant as soon as possible, and then arrange the refinance with a respectable lender. 


One of the best real estate investing approaches for increasing your net worth and developing a rental portfolio is BRRRR. You will gain the fundamental knowledge required for a fruitful real estate business investing career by mastering the BRRRR method.  

The number of properties you can add to your portfolio with the BRRRR method is unlimited with practice and understanding. 

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December 21, 2022