Top Trends That Will Impact Your Commercial Property Investment in Today’s Marketplace

January 11, 2022

Commercial real estate has seen significant changes over the past few years. COVID-19, changes in the technological landscape, climate change risks, labor shortages, and high inflation have all affected investors...

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7 Benefits of Commercial Mezzanine Loan

January 5, 2022

Real estate investment management companies frequently use many sources of funds from within their capital stacks to finance the purchase of a new property or a development project. Mezzanine loans...

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All You Need to Know About Private Lending

January 4, 2022

Are you considering lending money as a private lender or looking to borrow funds via a private loan? Private loans are often the most effective and efficient way for commercial...

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Using Community Bank Loans for CRE

December 11, 2021

Community banks, defined as locally owned banks that only serve a small geographic area, can be a valuable resource for commercial real estate investors. According to the FDIC’s 2020 Community...

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