Questions You Need to Ask Your Commercial Mortgage Lender

When searching for a commercial mortgage lender, it’s crucial to research and ask questions. Before continuing with the home loan application process, it’s essential to comprehend lenders as much as possible because they are only sometimes made equal. Whether purchasing commercial property or refinancing, you should first make a list of mortgage inquiries before deciding. 

You have scheduled your initial meeting with your commercial mortgage lender but need help figuring out how to proceed. To ensure you have all the answers you require, it is a good idea to prepare a list of questions before your first appointment. You can find the best lender by being aware of the correct questions to ask. Here are some of them below. 

Which Commercial Loan Products Do You Offer?

Now that you know the several loan options, it’s time to locate a lender to help you choose the best one. To start, determine what kinds of loans your commercial mortgage lender provides. Everyone provides adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), but how long are their fixed-rate periods? This is a crucial information to understand. 

Lenders could also offer the following loans: conventional, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, FHA/HUD, and bridge construction. The more possibilities a lender provides, the more likely you will discover one that best suits your particular requirements. 

What Is the Typical Loan Size That You Handle?

Are you confident that your commercial mortgage lender will give you the finest service possible on your $1 to $5 million loan if they are accustomed to closing loans in the $50+ million range? Look for a lender that has experience closing in different loan size. 

Are You a Specialist in My Sector?

Your lender needs to be knowledgeable about the market and, at the absolute least, understand the submarket. Some more reputable lenders may give you access to custom market analysis or even pre-screen a specific asset you have in mind.

What is the Loan Estimate?

An accurate summary of all the fees related to your loan, including any closing charges, is provided in a loan estimate. Commercial Mortgage Lenders are obligated by law to provide you with this forecast within three business days of receiving your completed application. They are required to offer you a new loan estimate if any changes to your loan will significantly alter the mortgage costs. 

A Closing Disclosure will also be sent to you three business days before your mortgage closes. 

Even though the prices of your actual mortgage can only slightly deviate from those indicated in your original lending estimate, third-party fees for items like title insurance, surveys, and appraisals are permitted to change by up to 10%. 

The basic conditions of the mortgage and any fees related to the loan are included in your loan estimate. If there is anything you need help understanding, feel free to ask your lender. 

How Easy Is It to Apply for a Mortgage or Loan?

The ideal commercial lending partner will offer resources to speed up and simplify the loan application process. Make sure to choose a business that uses technology to streamline approval. 

How Long Does It Typically Take to Process a Loan?

Find out from the lender how long loans typically take to process. Processing time might be crucial in a buying scenario because sellers will be searching for a buyer who can quickly arrange their finance so that they can move on to the next phase of their lives. 

What Will I be Charged for in Terms of Servicing?

The act of handling your escrow account and obtaining and processing your payment after your loan closes is known as servicing. Inquiring about any potential hidden costs with your mortgage provider is crucial.  

Because they sell the servicing rights of your loan to generate a little more cash soon after your loan closes, your lender won’t always be aware of the costs you’ll be paying. For instance, many lenders charge a service fee for internet payments. This implies that you risk being charged more than you intended to spend each time you make an online payment. 

You should be aware of the origination fees (usually 1% of the loan) and how much third-party assessments like the appraisal, structural and environmental reports, and legal expenses will cost you. 

After I Close, How Frequently Will You Communicate?

It’s important to have open lines of contact with your commercial mortgage lender throughout the mortgage application process, but how about after the loan has closed? Even though it might not seem critical, finding out if your lender keeps in touch after closing will help you in the long term. 

How Long Has Your Company Been in Operation?

Make sure the financing partner you select has a lot of industry experience before working with them. A seasoned commercial lender will best assist your clients in obtaining the necessary finance. 

How Adaptable are Your Conditions?

The ideal lending partner will care about each customer’s unique demands and offer customizable terms and loan packages. Make sure to locate a commercial lender who will cooperate with you and your clients in order to identify the best lending options. 

Can You Assist with Marketing?

You’ll receive assistance with marketing from the top commercial lending partners. Ask lenders whether they provide services that can aid you in growing your business, such as emails and co-branded marketing materials. 

Are Your Prices Reasonably Priced?

The cost-effectiveness of a lender’s charges will decide how much it will cost your clients to obtain financing. If you operate in a specific area of the mortgage sector, make sure to search for commercial lenders who would be a suitable fit for your clients. 

Do You Have Any Minimum Account Balances or Reserve Requirements?

A few lenders require you to maintain a minimum amount in your bank account as well as deposit 6–9 months’ worth of interest payments into an escrow account. Some loans require that you open an account with them. 


You should thoroughly comprehend the loan terms of your possible lenders before you get into a contract. Asking your commercial mortgage lender, the right questions is a crucial first step in obtaining the project funding your clients wants. Keep a ton of notes, put the answers to each of these questions together, and monitor the responses from each commercial mortgage lender. 

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November 21, 2022